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It just happened to me that I lost a few exception reports from an older application which was created with a previous version of SA on another machine.
SA5 downloaded the report, told me that this report was not created on this machine and then deleted it from the server.

Not exactly as I would imagine this to happen. I still might want to get the reports from another machine where the app was originally built, or where the database is available.


  • Assuming the reports made it into your database ok, you should be able to use the sdk database example (found in your installation folder) to retrieve them. Let me know how you get on.
  • Should they be in the database? As I understood the message (don't remember the precise wording now) SA didn't save the report because the database didn't contain information about this specific application.

    If they are, how do I transfer them to the machine where the app was built?
  • When the map file is missing, SA should place the .saencryptedreport file somewhere on your computer in case you want it again.

    In windows xp/2003 it puts it in program files, in SmartAssembly's folder.

    In windows vista and above, it puts in in ProgramData, again in SmartAssembly's folder.

    You can just double click these (on a machine which does have the appropriate map file) to open them.
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  • Ok Alex, this was the missing piece of information. The files are exactly where you said.

    This should be part of the error message, could even place a link in it to open the folder where they are saved.

    Thanks. Solved.
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