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VDI error 1010 causing major issues

pentium4foreverpentium4forever Posts: 2
edited August 9, 2010 10:21AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

Our company uses the Redgate SQL Backup 5 Pro product to compress SQL backups. Several weeks ago, backups weren't being successful on a specific server and I googled and it appears that restarting the server was a quick fix. However, the 1010 errors are back again. I am curious to know why it it happening again. I've taken a screenshot and put it at the link below


The server in question is 32-bit Server 2003 Enterprise with 4GB RAM. When I look at task manager, the sqlserver.exe process is consuming about 2GB of physical memory.

I wonder if there's a solution/fix that doesn't involve restarting the server every time.


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