SQL Source Control v1.1 Available - View History within SSMS

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SQL Source Control 28 Sept 2010

v1.1 Release Highlights:
* Database and object level history in the Object Explorer right-click menu
* Support for 64 bit CLR assemblies and the SQL 2008 “DATA_COMPRESSION” keyword
* Associate/Resolve commits to TFS Work Items in the commit comment (e.g., #A23). More details... (This already worked for SVN bug ids, if the SVN server is setup. )
* Now works in high DPI mode
* Start typing your commit comments while the list is being generated
* Right-click options (undo/history) from Commit/Get lists
* Fix for SOC-1369, “Input string error,” if linking a non-empty db to an existing repo that contains curly braces ({ or })
* Other bug fixes...

The release is available from Help > Check for Updates on the SQL Source Control tab within SSMS.

If you have found this page by following a link to a support patch, then the fix is included in this fully tested release.
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  • AdamYAdamY Colorado, USAPosts: 55 Bronze 3
    I have version (trial), but the history still shows the whole database even when I right click on a specific object in Object Explorer. I thought this was fixed - or am I misunderstanding?
  • If you right click on a specific object and select "Show History," then the History List at the top will only show items that are related to that specific object. In the changelist below the comments, you will see all objects that changed in that particular commit. The change you made to a specific object could have been related to changes made in other objects, so this allows you to see the entire changeset. The specific object that you are interested in should be in black text and all the other objects should be in gray text.

    I hope this helps to clarify how the Object Level History works.
    Thank you!
    Stephanie M. Herr    :-)
    Product Manager Database DevOps
  • We had to reorganize the folder structure on our Subversion server.
    So we unlinked our database, and then linked it back on to the new path.
    Suddenly we don't have any history!
    The history is still there if you watch it in the Repo-browser (TortoiseSVN).
    When looking at the Log Messages (History) in the Repo-browser, there is a Checkbox called "Stop on copy/rename".
    Checking/unchecking this Checkbox makes the "history" appear/disappear.
    It seems that SQL Source Control consider this setting on (guessing).
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