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We have a database that was created with full recovery mode but should have been in simple mode. The error was discovered when SQL Response recommended a log backup. We have corrected the recovery mode but the recommendation did not clear. After a full day we disabled the recommendation. After several days it has still not cleared. Short of taking a log backup is there anyway to clear this item? This is a SQL 2005 database and we are running SQL Response


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    Apologies for the issue you are facing.

    This looks like a bug with SQL Response. Since the model has now been changed to Simple hence the check has been stopped for this recommendation. I am afraid since recommendation doesn't get purged hence this cannot be removed. We will fix this for V 2.0.

    The only workaround I can think of is change the model back to Full. Do a log backup and then wait for this recommendation to go away. Change the model back to Simple again.

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