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SQL Backup Pro thinks it is SQL Backup Lite

RodCRodC Posts: 8 Bronze 1
edited July 30, 2010 6:23AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I am using the SQL Backup Pro that came with my purchase of SQL Toolbelt.

After a short period of working, SQL Backup Pro now thinks that is it SQL Backup Lite and will not link to my Windows 2008 R2/SQL Server 2008 machine.

When I try to start a backup I get the Red Rosette and the following message:
The rosette icon indicates that there are some restrictions on this feature for the edition of SQL Backup that you are using.
Lite Edition
Restrictions on SQL Backup Lite edition include:
• Remote SQL Servers: you cannot back up databases on remote servers, and you cannot restore to remote servers.
• Encryption: you cannot encrypt backups.
• Compression: you can select only 'no compression' or compression level 1.
• Email notification: you cannot use email notification.
• Log shipping: you cannot use the log shipping feature.
• Network resilience: you cannot use the network resilience feature for more reliable data transfer.
• Reporting: you cannot use the reporting feature.
• Clusters: you cannot use SQL Backup on clustered nodes.
• Orphaned users: you cannot automatically check for orphaned users following a restore.
• Kill connections: you cannot automatically kill existing connections to a database before starting a restore.
To upgrade your edition of SQL Backup, contact sales@red-gate.com

How can I get this working again?


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    Hi Rod,

    Thanks for your post. I am e-mailing you directly regarding this.

    Peter Peart
    Red Gate Software Ltd
    +44 (0)870 160 0037 ext. 8569
    1 866 RED GATE ext. 8569
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