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We are executing on the licensed edition of ANTS Load.While executing Webservices we encountered Service Unavailable errors in result set.
Can we use "TRY CATCH BLOCK" for exception handling in ANTS Tool.We have tried using this and we got following VB Assembly dialog boxes as exception messages.

1) Unable to process WS requirement due to a low level request.
2) Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
3) Thread was been interrupted from a waiting state.
4) Socket Connection Aborted.

Following is the script used:


Dim objChangePassResMesg As ChangePasswordResponseMessage = webService.ChangePassword("mboth0", "mboth0", "password", "password")
RandomSleep(1000, 2000)
Dim objChangePassResMesg1 As ChangePasswordResponseMessage = webService.NewPassword("mboth0", "password", "password", "7890")
RandomSleep(1000, 2000)
Dim objGetuserRoles() As Role = webService.GetUserRoles("mboth0")
RandomSleep(1000, 2000)
Dim Username As String = webService.GetEmailAddressForUserName("mboth0")
RandomSleep(1000, 2000)
Dim objGetUserAttributes As GetUserAttributesResponseMessage = webService.GetUserAttributes("mboth0", "password")
RandomSleep(1000, 2000)

Catch ex As Exception
MsgBox("Authenticate Service Exception:" & ex.Message)
End Try

Please provide detailed clarification on this.

Thanks & Regards,


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    Hello Krishna,

    As far as I know there is nopthing to stop you from using a Try/Catch block in the script. You shouldn't really need to, though, because if the webservice errors out, it should simply be included as an error in the load test report and not actually halt the execution of the test.

    I'm sure that using a MsgBox in the test script will not work. You may want to use Me.LogToFile() and put the exception in the AntsTraceLog.txt file for later examination.
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