Unable to find dll for obfuscation during compile

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I have set up the SmartAssembly project to run as a post compile for my targeted obfuscation dll in the dll's project file as noted in the help. I have the OverwriteAssembly flag set to true. When I compile the first time, it seems to run ok but I don't think the dll is obfuscated because it is the same size as the regular release dll. Every subsequent compile throws the following error:
Compile complete -- 0 errors, 0 warnings
C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SmartAssembly 5\SmartAssembly.com ..\..\..\xxxPlugin.saproj
SmartAssembly v5.0.0.284
Copyright c Red Gate Software 2005-2010
Loading project ..\..\..\xxxPlugin.saproj

ERROR: Unable to find 'C:\xxx\xxxPlugin\bin\Release\xxxPlugin.dll'.
C:\xxx\xxxPlugin\xxxPlugin.csproj(477,2): error MSB6006: "SmartAssembly.com" exited with code 1.
Done building project "xxxPlugin.csproj" -- FAILED.

I am using VS2008 sp1. The target dll is a .net 3.0 project.


  • This seems like a bit of a strange one. Can you check that 'C:\xxx\xxxPlugin\bin\Release\xxxPlugin.dll' exists? Please can you send your {sa}proj file to support @ red-gate.com with F0037043 in the subject line.

    To determine if an assembly is protected or not, you could try using reflector or another de-compiler to view the code in question.

    I notice you're also on v5.0.0.284, you may want to consider running the check for updates. 5.1 has been out for a couple of weeks and fixes a couple of nasty bugs.
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