Obfuscating non-dependent assemblies

mcobrienmcobrien Posts: 5
edited July 29, 2010 8:02AM in SmartAssembly 5
I'm evaluating SA at the moment and there's one Dotfuscator feature I'm trying to find. With Dotfuscator (which I really, *really* want to leave behind!), I can obfuscate an arbitrary set of assemblies, regardless of their dependencies. With SA that doesn't seem to be possible.

Specifically, let's say I have three assemblies I want to obfuscate: Console, Library and Plugin. Both Plugin and Console depend on Library, so I can obfuscate two pretty easily (if I use embedding or merging), and with two SA projects I could obfuscate all three.

However, Console works by loading Plugin via reflection, so the types in Library have to be obfuscated to the same names when I run SA against Console and Plugin. I guess I also want Library to remain an external assembly, though still have it obfuscated.

Is this possible?


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