Suggestion: Allow right-click, refresh on single item

Sometimes when I've compared two databases with a large number of objects, then manually changed one object in the list, I want to refresh to be sure I know exactly what the remaining deltas are. However refreshing requires reloading the entire set of objects, which can take minutes.

I realize that refreshing only a single item could leave the comparison in an inconsistent state (because other objects may be changed in addition to this one). The same thing could happen behind my back though; even if I perform a full refresh after changing one object, someone else could change a dependent object anytime between the completion of my refresh and my attempt to sync.

Perhaps this could leave the tool in a "no sync" state, requiring you to re-sync the entire thing before synchronization or generating a sync script. I spend more time reviewing deltas than actually rectifying them, so requiring me to perform the full refresh before sync-ing would be acceptable to me as a trade-off for the convenience of being able to refresh single items as I walk down a list.


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