2.314E-14 displays as 2.314 in row differences pane

CherimoyaCherimoya Posts: 4
A value of 2.1316282072803E-14 on my table becomes 2.1316282072803006 when I view the row differences. If I then use the viewer on the incorrectly displayed value, it shows the correct value of 2.1316282072803E-14. So why does the value display incorrectly on the Row Differences Pane? :shock:


  • Thanks for your post.

    The row differences pane will round up values of very high precision, but it shouldn't affect the value when you synchronize. I believe the rounding is just there to make it more readable in the UI.

    Is this causing any problems for you during the synchronization i.e. is it changing the values to be incorrect? Or is the problem that the rounded results are misleading in the UI?
  • It changing the values to be incorrect:

    2.1316282072803E-14 does not round to 2.1316282072803006;
    instead, it rounds to zero.
  • Thanks for your reply, I'll look into this.

    Can you let me know the data type of the column, and what version of SQL Server?
  • The column data type is float.
    The version of SS is 10.0.1600.22.
  • We investigated this through a private support ticket.

    It turned out to be an issue where the precision of the float data was being displayed differently in different parts of the UI. It didn't seem to impact on the synchronization.

    A bug has now been logged for this: SDC-1137
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