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Table compare should ignore AUTO_INCREMENT value?

senorplanktonsenorplankton Posts: 12
edited October 14, 2010 4:33AM in MySQL Compare
When comparing databases on a Windows MySQL system, the table create script seems to include the AUTO_INCREMENT value.

The table comparison then picks this up as a difference between tables.

Looking in the comparison window shows that the AUTO_INCREMENT is included when there is data in the table.

This does not occur when comparing on a Linux system, even though the result of 'copy CREATE to clipboard' includes the AUTO_INCREMENT on both systems.

When comparing a db on a Linux system to one on a Windows system, the AUTO_INCREMENT is included only on table create on the Windows db.

It would make sense that the AUTO_INCREMENT=xx part of the creation script should be removed before comparison.

(I can provide a backup that demonstrates this behaviour if needed)


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