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At this moment I do a lot of vitalizing with VMware ESX and the first question I always get from my customers: What is the impact on a SQL-Server database on a Virtual machine compared with a Physical machine.

Using SQL-Data Generator to import 1.000.000 records in 25 tables give a nice stress on the server. Only, I can’t really compare it as I can’t see exact how much time it takes to finish the job. I like to suggest to supply a start and finish time so we also can use SQL Data Compare to test server speed without the need of sophisticated testing tools

I already get an possible work around from your engineers with an example using some command line commands, but I prefer to have timer functionality as part of the product itself Smile
Mike Cabolet


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    RBARBA Posts: 152 Silver 3
    Hi Mike,

    So what you'd like is a 'time elapsed' metric displayed in SQL Data Generator so you can use the product as a benchmarking tool?

    You probably know this already but just in case I thought I'd mention that disk access on VMs is massively degraded if you use a virtual disk instead of mapping a physical disk directly. That'll be the biggest impact on disk performance.

    I'm not sure if SDG would be the best tool to use for benchmarking as it only performs inserts. Is it strictly disk performance that you're interested in?

    Robin Anderson
    Red-Gate Software
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