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Error when changing default mappings

mjharpermjharper Posts: 26
edited July 12, 2010 8:25AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I have a compare project that runs fine with the default mappings. When I change the mappings to map [preprod] to [dbo] I get the following error:
10:17:48.299|Error |SQL Compare Engine P|11 |line 48:8: expecting "COLCOL", found 'DECLARE'
10:17:54.377|Error |SQL Compare UI |1 |Exception in progress dialog
line 45:14: unexpected token: ["WHERE",<687>,line=45,col=14] [char=1319

I'm a bit lost as to where I can start looking to debug this issue. If it helps to post more of the log file please let me know.




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    I have found the cause of this issue. I had used the alias "Geography" and "Geometry" in the SPs that caused the issue. (I assume this errors as these are now key words in SQL2008 and it fails on parsing a SELECT that selects a column using one of these alias - eg "Geometry.Id" - as it's expecting a valid Geometry method to be called).

    I have updated the table aliases to be "a" and "b" and this works fine. Not sure why this error only occurs when using non-default schema mappings though.


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