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Can someone please fix the bug when saving a package and using a number at the end of the filename.

For example, if I save a .Net Executable as:


it saves the file as


However, if I go back to edit the package and save again, it never displays the 100 and I end up creating a new .EXE filename. Arrghhh


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    I'm unaware of this problem. I haven't encountered an error when putting a number at the end of a package name.

    The only problem I'm aware of is when you put a period in the filename of the package, and that happens because when Packager creates a .NET executable, it uses that filename as the project's namespace. The dot will cause Packager to think that there are two namespaces and that isn't allowed.
  • Hi,

    I agree with the original post.

    On the "Create .NET executable" dialog page if I give the name:


    then it creates a .NET exe called MyDatabase_100.exe.

    I then save and close the package.

    When I then edit the package and go back to this page the name is now populated with:


    So the numbers have been lost.
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    Hello James,

    That's a bit more clear. I'll have a look into that...
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