are types being made private?

ronzulronzul Posts: 3
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Hi... newbie Ronny here

My CF2 app is not feeling very well after using SA.

I am using System.Xml.Serialization and it is throwing an InvalidOperationException saying that "Only public types can be processed".

Any clues?



  • Paul.MartinPaul.Martin Posts: 83 New member
    A few questions:

    Which protections are you applying to your assembly?

    Is the type that is failing to be Serialized in the main assembly or in a separate dll? If it is in a separate dll are you merging it into the main assembly as this could cause issues for serialization.

    Does the type that is failing to be Serialized have an attribute within the System.Xml.Serialization namespace, as SmartAssembly will pick this up and be very careful with the type.
  • Many thanks

    The classes being serialised were in external DLLs that were being merged. Simply adding an [XmlType] attribute to them did the trick.

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