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craigmcraigm Posts: 17
edited July 5, 2010 8:55AM in SmartAssembly 5

I've just set up the latest version of the custom web server and it appears the RunOnException option is no longer available (or is not documented). Is it still possible to use this functionality?

I also can't seem to get emails to be able to be sent. The SMTP server is set correctly. There is nothing else that I need to configure apart from:
<!-- This should be an SMTP server -->
<add key="SmtpServer" value=""/>

<!-- The email address from which report notification emails should appear to come -->
<add key="EmailSender" value="[email protected]"/>
as well as setting the email address from within Smart Assembly?

I'd be happy if I could get either functionality to work, but at the moment, neither seems to be working for me.



  • Paul.MartinPaul.Martin Posts: 83 New member
    Unfortunately RunOnException is not available any more although we may look at adding it back into the new version.

    As long as you have set the email address within the SmartAssembly project for your application (the email address is now defined per project) and you have set the SmtpServer setting in the web config it should work.

    Do you get any error messages in your Smtp Server log?

    Does the website application have permission to send mail on the Smtp Server?
  • Just reset all of the settings and it seems to be working now. I'd be happy to see the RunOnException functionality in a future version.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Paul.MartinPaul.Martin Posts: 83 New member
    Yay for random bugs which fix themselves. Glad it is all working now.

    I've formally added the RunOnException to our tracker system (logged as SA-320), so hopefully you should have it back in one of the forthcoming versions.
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