Extra info in error reports

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edited July 13, 2010 12:02PM in SmartAssembly 5
I'd really appreciate the following feature: Provide the end-user with the ability to supply their email address when they report an issue. I like to be able to:

1) Have the ability to contact the reporter to ask for more information.
2) Thank the user for reporting the exception.
3) Alert the user when a fix is available. This is especially important as it creates good rapport with our users, and also helps to re-engage users who might have given up on our product after the exception.
4) Allow the user to type any extra info they wish.
5) It would also be useful to store their email the first time they enter it, so they don't need to re-enter it again in the future.

This feature get 101 up-votes from me.

Thanks for your very good product.

Kind regards,
Gareth Hayter.
Slyce Software.
Gareth Hayter


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