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Hi All,
I have downloaded sql log resue 1.20 and it installed successfully.
But when I try to open backup files, it gives me 2 different unique message.
"Not a supported backup file format" .
and the error "Unable to access backup file"

Both errors are on the files have ext .sqb.

Please advice.



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    Log Rescue is free and unsupported and there has been no development work done on this product for quite a while.

    While it should fully support SQL 2000 it does not support SQL 2005 or 2008, so if any of your sources are SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 it will not work.

    Also as there is no work being done on it any changes to other products won't be catered for in Log Rescue.

    If it is telling you that the backup file format is unsupported then I'm afraid that there is not much that I can do. I'm sorry that I can't be of more help.

    The forum might offer more insight -

    I'm sorry that I can't be more help.
    Anuradha Deshpande
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    Redgate Software Ltd.
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  • So what file format does this tool support?
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    Thank you for your reply.

    SQL Log Rescue only supports SQL Server 2000 and can only read:

    1. The live SQL Server 2000 Transaction Log.
    2. Backup files created using either our own SQL Backup V5 or earlier and native SQL Server backup files.

    If you wish to use SQL Log Rescue against SQL Server 2005 and 2008, unfortunately these later version of SQL Server are not supported.

    Also if you wish to read backup files created using SQL Backup V6.*, regrettably the .sqb file format changed in SQL Backup V6 and SQL Log Rescue cannot read SQL Backup V6 files.

    As per my colleague Anu's post in this thread on the 1st July 2010, Log Rescue is free and unsupported product. There has been no development work done on this product for a number of years and there are no plans to do so.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
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  • Do you have any other product that can read TLog then as my backups are in .sqb format?
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