I have been using ANTS profiler for a while.
There are 3 bullets I must say.

1. I find the new interface very inconvenient:
In the hierarchy view, the windows of the called methods and caller methods should be placed one above the other and not side by side to allow better view of methods with long names.

2. The source view must have a Reload button. If you switch to source view and the ANTS cannot find the source code file, it shows a File Open dialog. If you accidentally press Esc, the is no way to get back to this dialog, unless you restart ANTS.

3. If A calls C and B calls C, when you look in the hierarchy window for methods A calls, you see the full cost of C (i.e. calls from A and from C).

Why do you have to switch to source code window to see the specific cost of calling C from A?


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    Thanks for your comments. The all methods grid is strictly concerned with the total running time for a method. You can also get the minimum, maximum, and average time by adding these columns from the field chooser.

    The time that a method took when called from another method, though, is a line-level affair, and you'll see this in the source code.
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