How to exclude certain function from results?

I have software that spends lots of time receiving data from socket. How can I exclude 'Receice' function from profiling results?


  • The way that the latest profilers have been designed is that if you wish to exclude data, you use the "Interactive timeline" and select only the time span you wish to analyse.
    ANTS v6 shows you which timespan(s) any method has been active for.

    Unlike earlier versions, however, you cannot exclude specific assemblies.
  • My application designed such way that there is functions A(), B(), C(), D()... and all of them make calls to 'Receive' function. I want to exclude it to view how much time funcitons spend EXCEPT making calls to 'Receive'
  • Sorry- there's no facility to filter based on specific methods (only methods with/without source). You may be able to get this to work by "hiding" the pdb file for the Receive method (as long as, obviously, this doesn't hide data that you do want to see)- the profiler only knows is source code by finding the PDB fil . Then just ensure you use the "methods with source" filter.

    If you find that you are seeing a lot of real time (wall clock time) spent in the receive function- ensure you are using the "CPU time" filter.

    Other than that- as I say, the application is not designed to exclude specific methods- sorry. Can I ask *why* you want to exclude this data- it won't affect the data for the methods you *do* want to see so why bother excluding it?
  • Because I want to find "hot" methods. The easy way to do that is to sort them by time usage. But in my case 90% time is waiting for server responce.

    My app is web crawler. It usualy run in 100 threads and I want to optimize CPU usage. But it actually shows me network usage because method's timings usually depend on web request time.
  • OK, thank you. I think you will find that if you use the "CPU time" filter, you will successfully be able to ignore these high-latency calls (you won't even see them any more as they will be insignificant (in terms of CPU time)).
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