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Hi there

Im evaluating the software on an ASP.Net website. once the website is built i launch smartassembly but it only allows me to select one dll at a time from the bin folder, can i not multiple select files or is this a limitation of the evaluation version?
Thanks, gumuk


  • Paul.MartinPaul.Martin Posts: 83 New member
    Normally you will create a separate SmartAssembly project for each assembly that you wish a separate output assembly for.

    There is a command line version which allows more automation, but usually you will still want a separate project file for each output assembly.
  • Gumuk, i guess your problem is that you have a lot of assemblies in your /bin folder, namely one for each asp page, so you may consider merging them into one single assembly before protecting with SA. Check out asp_merge for this job. See
  • On the other hand, let me throw the ball to Paul and ask: why does SmartAssembly not support merging ASP page assemblies?

    Cant be that hard anymore after all the other merging its already doing. Can we have a feature request for that? :twisted:
  • Uniwares_AS thanks for the info your correct about my situation. i have found Obfuscation tools that will merge assemblies at the same time but this could be a decent solution.
    SA scores well where reviewed and the lack of multiple file support is the only issue putting me of this product.
    Thanks, gumuk
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