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SQL Management Studio 2005 hangs upon start

anders____janders____j Posts: 5
edited August 21, 2012 12:29PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
We are new some new users at our company of RedGate SQL Toolbelt with different content (I have "SQL Comparison Bundle") but we all experience the problem: SQL Server (2005) Management Studio (SQLWB.exe) hangs/stalls for at least 10 minutes upon start (when showing the splash screen). Also Visual Studio 2005 hava a similar problem but the "hang" is not for as long time. This started for everyone when installing RedGate products.

We are running WXP.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Update: I forgot to mention, a collegue of mine noticed that the was some file (which is located on a network drive) redgate/management studio accessed many thousand times during startup. It is files located at J:\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Shell (in our case a nnetwork drive, which is the problem). According to MS Management Studio should not write to these files - only addinns etc.


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Anders,

    I believe we have created a support indident for you and are looking into this. I think the problem is caused by the keyboard shortcut setup, which hits the user.vsk and current.vsk files repeatedly. If bits of your user profile are redirected to a network share, this becomes a very slow operation, but we don't know yet if we have done something in a less-than-optimal way or if it's just the way that VS and SSMS do the operations that causes the problem. As far as I can tell, SQL Prompt only sets the shortcut keys once on initialization (in the addin's Connect method).
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    I have had this same problem in Sql Server 2008 Management Studio after installation of Sql Prompt 4.0 only.
    Visual Studio does not experience a slow down.
    I just downloaded and installed it on my new work-PC. (Windows XP, Sql server 2008)
    When SSMS starts up, it shows its logo, then waits a few seconds, then the logo disappears. The process is still running, but doesn't show itself.
    Then I kill the process immediately and start it again. Then ssms starts up immediately (most of the time).

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    meklemblmeklembl Posts: 107 Bronze 2
    I've had the same issue with both SSMS 2005 and SSMS 2008. I never gave it a thought that the issue may be with SQL Prompt. I had thought it was more with Vista and User Account Control settings.
    Larry M
    Cleveland, OH USA
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    Same problem here. All developers have the same issue - I've just done a fresh rebuild on Windows 7, tested management studio several times, installed SQL Toolbelt and immediately have the same issue again.

    Splash screen comes up then hangs until you kill ssms and try again (at which point it mostly comes to life straight away).

    We're behind an ISA proxy server, other than that there's nothing particularly unusual about our environment (and it happens on a mix of OS's)

    Any news on a fix for this?
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    Runing on Windows7, SQL 2008r2,

    when I open it takes 5 minutes to start. This behaviour began after SQL toolbelt install.

    Solution ? , uninstall SQL toolbelt ?

    Analysis shows that file : c:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Search\Archive\RedGate.SQLsearch.Addin.dll
    is being bombarded during startup.
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    I am pretty sure it is SQL Refactor causing this. When unistalled the problem goes away, and when reinstalling problem is back.

    I'm really looking forward to a hotfix for this...
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    Hi Brian.

    Please, can you update us about the status of the support incident?
    Is a solution under development?

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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    Hi Fabrizio,

    Thanks for bringing this up, as it's a good time to discuss the future direction for SQL Refactor development. Basically some of the functionality of Prompt and Refactor has overlapped for the last couple of years, like format SQL. The decision we came to was that it made more sense to have one SSMS add-in rather than two, so Refactor is being swallowed up into SQL Prompt 5. If you already own Prompt with support, you can upgrade to SQL Prompt 5 and uninstall the SQL Refactor add-in.

    We are also going to allow SQL Refactor users with a support entitlement at the time of release of SQL Prompt 5 to upgrade from Refactor to Prompt 5. This way, nobody with a support contract will lose any functionality. If you have any questions about an upgrade path, you can ask the Red Gate sales team.

    If you want to trial a beta of SQL Prompt 5, one is available on the SQL Prompt EAP 5 Forum.
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    I installed Red Gate SQL Developer Bundle and now both SQL Management Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 get stuck on their splash screen when starting. has anyone found a solution to this?
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