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Profiling Microsoft Office managed-code add-ins

alphacentalphacent Posts: 2
I'm trying to profile an Excel add-in but the profiler keeps on crashing whenever I take a snapshot. I followed the instructions here:

http://www.red-gate.com/supportcenter/C ... wledgebase\ANTS_Memory_Profiler\KB200801000224.htm

The add-in is .NET 4 on Excel 2010 on Windows 7.

Here's the error:
Snapshot failed (CantMapMemory)
at P.g(Object , EventArgs )
at T.<>c__DisplayClass16.<backer_SnapshotCompleted>b__15()
at O.b()


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    I've just sent you an email, please let me know if you get it.
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    I have a very similar issue: Excel 2010 crashes as soon as I try to create a memory snapshot.
    I'm using ANTS Memory Profiler 7 on Excel 2010 running on Windows XP.
    Trying to attach to the running process doesn't work (but I know that XP in this case is not supported for attach to process).

    What can we try to do?


    Marco Russo
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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    FYI, in the previous case, the crash went unresolved because the other person never got back to us with the requested information. But because Profiler interferes with your application and doesn't record any diagnostics at that end, we'll end up asking for a complete dump of the process memory and have to sort through that.

    Fortunately due to the number of occurrences of Profiler doing this we're becoming world-class dump analyzers.
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