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Help finding memory leak

FunManFunMan Posts: 3

I'm evaluating ANTS Memory Profile trying to solve a memory leak problem of my WPF application.

This application has a main menu and open a sequence of defined windows, depending on the user requested function. When the user session ends, i destroy all the open windows (beginning from last opened).

I noticed, also using ANTS Memory Profile (before I saw abnormal memory allocation), that every new session i have multiple live istance of windows.. so i have a classic memory leak. I tested the destroying routine, and it's ok, I examined also the retention graph produced by ANTS, but i'm not able to understand wich object maintain the windows live.

THIS is the retention graph of a windows during the first session. The windows is RB_InserimentoPNR.

With the second session i have two istance of the RB_InserimentoPNR window, a new one with the same retention graph above, and the old one (the one i closed but GC doesn't destroy) with this retention graph.

As I said I'm not able to determine why the object was not released, the only event handler i see seems to be wpf stuff, not mine.

Can someone help me?



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