Email alerts for recommendations?

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I can't see a way to have a Recommendation send an email? I consider the fact that a backup job has not been defined or a backup has not run in 7 days to be important enough for an email alert...

Also I would suggest having two tiers of email alerts, for instance "High" alerts should send to both my mobile and company email, whereas "Medium" and "Low" should only send to my company email. It is somewhat tedious to add the mobile email to each individual alert.

There should also be a "test alert" button on each individual Alert so that email communication can be verified. If I've added multiple emails separated by a comma to certain alerts, I want to be assured the message for that alert is sent correctly to all parties involved.


  • Thank you for your post.

    In the past you could set up email alerts for recommendations. However, users complained that they were getting bombarded with emails, so it was removed. In the next version of SQL Response (v2) it is hoped that the email alerts for recommendations can be added without the previous problems.

    As for your other points:
    Settings depending on Severity of alert - I have lodged a feature request with our development team. Ref: SSR-1664.

    Test Alert button - again I have lodged a feature request with our development team. Ref: SSR-1665.
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