Don't understand results

MattE303MattE303 Posts: 2
edited June 9, 2010 11:39AM in Exception Hunter 2
I've just started playing with Exception Hunter as part of an evaluation and I'm confused by the following result. EH appears to be telling me that System.Exception (and everything derived from it) is unhandled in the following block of code (it lists System.Exception and its derivations in the "Unhandled Exceptions" panel). Specifically, it is highlighting the line that calls the LINQ method FirstOrDefault. I'm confused because clearly that isn't the case (System.Exception is being handled).
	views = ProcedureViews.procedureViewsList.FirstOrDefault( v => v.ProcedureId == procedure.Identifier );

	if( views != null )
		// already exists, move it to the top of the list

		ProcedureViews.procedureViewsList.Remove( views );

		ProcedureViews.procedureViewsList.Insert( 0, views );

		found = true;
catch( System.Exception ) {}


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