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SQL Virtual Database (Restore)

ztunerztuner Posts: 31
edited May 27, 2010 5:07AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Few qestions abot Virtual database - missing feature!?:

Is it possible to use HyperBac SQL Virtual Restore with redgate SQL Backup?

If not, do you have any plans for Virtual Database software - similar to one to Ideras and Quest?

As RedGate aquired HyperBac, are there any HyperBac products avalible through Toolbelt license?



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    SQL Virtual Restore will support Red Gate SQB backup files, this development work is underway now, expected to be released in Q3.
    Jeffrey Aven
    Product Management - HyperBac Technologies
    Red Gate Software
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    Hi ztuner,

    Thanks for your question about HyperBac products and the Red Gate SQL Toolbelt. We’re currently working on plans, and we’ll be able to offer more information soon.

    We plan to launch a Release Candidate program soon for a new version of HyperBac’s SQL Virtual Restore – this version will also include Red Gate SQL Backup file support. Please email me at claire.brooking[@]red-gate.com with your contact details if you would like me to get in touch with you directly when the program is live on the site.

    In the meantime, if you would like to try out SQL Virtual Restore in its current version, visit the HyperBac website to download and for further info. Do let us know if you have any questions! We’re very happy to help.

    Best wishes,

    Marketing Manager
    Red Gate Software
    Claire Brooking
    Product Marketing Manager
    Red Gate Software
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