Hit count prediction - Feature available?


I'm just evaluating the ants performance profiler latest version. The call graph look promising.

I would like to know about the Hit Count in the call graph.

While looking at the call graph, it says how many times the particular method was hit and percentage of process it is accuring. It would be great if we have little bit interaction with the hit count. Like, if I alter the hitcount from 1500 hits to 1000, it should show how many % process will be reduced.

This could help us profile in more conveninet way.

Please let me know if we have this feature or do we have any plans to implement this in near future.

Great day.


  • Paul.MartinPaul.Martin Posts: 83 New member
    It is a nice idea, which unfortunately is not available in the profiler at the moment.

    My only slight concern would be how to accurately model the difference reducing the number of hits would make, as the each time a method is called it has the potential to have a completely different control flow and so processing time, and that presumably you would have to change other code in order to have the same eventual output.
    However, having said that, there would be a lot of functions where the processing time would be fairly constant and so this could be a really good addition to the profiler.

    The developers keep a close eye over these forums so they will definitely look into it for future versions.

    One thing that you may wish to try is to changing to display absolute (ticks or milliseconds) times rather than percentages, as this will allow you to see the time taken for each hit. It is not as nice and interactive as your suggestion, but it will give you some times to compare the your existing solution to any changes.
  • Hi Martin,

    thanks for details. In out scenario, we have most of the flows with trail and error counters, in other words/to be more specific for image processing; we'll be having cases like we'll lose quality of processing if we optimize more and vice-versa. We are in situation for choosing optimal hits for particular methods. we have no other optimization go. So, we would likely to do this via profiling.

    If I could suggest and it won't mess up, the profiling process should be mapped into mathematical calculation, where we could transform the profiling operation, so that it would be working as duplex communicator. If you alter the code, it will alter the calculation, it will display the result and if you alter the result, it will alter the calculation and displays the predicted performance.
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