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SQL Changeset with SQL Compare 8.0

thom.bolinthom.bolin Posts: 12
edited May 13, 2010 4:22AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
I am setting up SQL Changeset with our VSS environment. When I compare the live database to the scripts I get objects that do not exist in the scripts and objects that do not exist in the live database. These objects exist in both locations, however the object owner is not dbo. This is SQL2000 sp4. Am I doing something wrong that is making these not compare correctly. ie, application_dbo.tbl_lookup exist in the script folder and the databse but it shows up in both panes as only existing in one location.
Are others using SQL Changeset with VSS, if so any advice would be helpful.


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    Thanks for your post.

    I think I have managed to reproduce this. Can you make sure that the 'Comparison settings for script folders' is set to SQL Server 2000?

    You can set this in the 'Data sources' tab of project configuration, or confirm that it's set to version 8 in the RedGateDatabaseInfo.xml file.

    If it's set to 2005 or above, then the script parser is expecing a schema which causes the engine to get very confused.

    Can you check this and see if it helps?
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    I'm curious to know what your plans are regarding the impending end of life for Visual Source Safe? Has your organisation got plans to move to different system?

    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Red Gate Software
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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