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Getting Started - problems with example

nhustaknhustak Posts: 41
Hi All,
Just getting started with the SDK. Used one of the sample to just test registering. I keep getting 'Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement.' when making the dbTargert.Register call.

Here's the code. It's extremly simple - my intention was to go step by step and test as I went. I've changed all my private info but I have been consistent - it's all on the same server as indicated by the names. The TargetDB is empty.

The SourceDB has data in all tables and is not currently in use, so I'm baffled by the data movement
using ( Database dbTarget = new Database(), dbSource = new Database() )
                ConnectionProperties cpSource = new ConnectionProperties( "MyServer", "SourceDB", "AUser", "APassword" );
                ConnectionProperties cpTarget = new ConnectionProperties( "MyServer", "TargetDB", "AUser", "APassword" );

                dbSource.Register( cpSource, Options.Default );

                dbTarget.Register( cpTarget, Options.Default );

Nick H


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    Ok advanced search turned up some people talking about this (generic search on these forums sucks).

    I can verify - there is nothing going on with these databases, especially the target one. I JUST created it. There's no way it's busy or the source database for that matter. These are development databases and have no mainteance plan running on them. This is on one of my personal servers located in my house - no one else is on it.

    Nick H
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    Ok more fun. I reordered the opens to put the target database first.

    This is a new database, just created. It HAS no tables besides system. I am still getting the nolock error on it.
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    I have removed all references to the source database, so the only thing I am trying to register is a blank database.

    BTW, SQL Server 2008 Enterprise

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    Well this error is now appearing in my application..so something going on with my server!
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    The problem was my sql server. Everything is resolved.
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