No methods to delve into

I’ve watched a number of walkthrough and tutorial videos. It looks like there are a ton of features available in the ANTS Performance Profiler which I’m anxious to utilize.

The particular issue I’m facing is that the Login page of my website loads extremely slowly. There is no code being executed on the Page_Load (only ASP controls are initialized) so I’m having trouble identifying the issue. This has me leaning toward the source of the issue being outside of my web app code. When I run ANTS on my website’s login page, this is what I get:


The only task accomplished during this profiling session was the Login page loading. As you can see, it took a long time. I’d like to be able to analyze the profile using information I learned in the videos, but there is only one method listed which I can’t delve into. I found a "Working with the call tree" description on the ANTS website, but all it says is "Transition to managed code: A transition from unmanaged code to managed code occurred at this point in the stack trace."

Additionally, the single event that is occurring during this profiling is a System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException.

Can anyone provide any insight? Thanks in advance


  • I know it's the PreRender of the <asp:Login> control that takes so long. I just can't figure out why. I think it's that ASP makes a behind-the-scenes connection to the MembershipProvider for the Login control, but how do you debug that? ANTS isn't helping.
  • Best thing to do, at this point is reduce profiling overhead by selecting the "fastest, most accurate" mode of profiling.

    To get more info from the call tree view- deselect the "hide insignificant methods" checkbox.
  • Not sure if this makes me an idiot, but I believe I wasn't seeing any methods because I was profiling a pre-compiled site. I switched to the source version of that site and I now have something to work with.
  • That's more our issue really- we should probably make it clearer when PDBs have not been found. Anyway- glad your up and running and thanks for "self-helping" :)
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