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Can SQL backup v5.4 restore backup sets from v6.3

davidbanner2kdavidbanner2k Posts: 14
edited April 25, 2010 9:18AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
When trying to restore a fileset on a server with sql backup 5.4 from a 6.3 backup, I am getting:

error 570: file is not a sql backup file


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    RBARBA Posts: 152 Silver 3
    Hi David,

    SQL Backup 6 uses a different file format, which is why your seeing this error. You can, however, convert a version 6 backup to a version 5 backup using SQBConverter.exe (commandline) or SQBConverterGUI.exe.

    You'll find these programs in the SQL Backup installation directory. Note that these converters also allow you to convert backups to native standard SQL Server backups, so you must use the right parameter / check the checkbox to make sure you'll generating a v5 file, rather than a .bak backup.

    Robin Anderson
    Red-Gate Software
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    Thank you very much!
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