Linked Servers and External Dependencies (yes, again)

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I have a legacy system with 6000+ artefacts across 20 databases I have to remediate. I am trialling this tool to determine if it can help me find unused debris, and moving forward, to assist the developers in understanding the impacts of making a change.

The issue is that our platform was built across five servers, but is now hosted on one server running two instances (Moore's Law ROCKS). I have read the tip about adding linked servers as aliases in SQL Network Utility (or equiv).

However, this appears to be creating multiple instances of a schema object that actually only exists once. The reason for this is that our lazy ill-disciplined programmers here happily used links created for one purpose to get to unrelated databases if that link got them to the right box.

So, as a feature request, what I want to do is to "declare" that an external reference "instance" is actually an instance already added to my project. Defining this thus would enable the dependency tracker to understand that Link_A.database_A.dbo.Table_A is the same thing as Link_B.database_A.dbo.Table_A which is the same thing as Server_Z\instance_Q.database_A.dbo.Table_A which I have already added to the project.
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    Thanks for your suggestion. I have logged it as a feature enhancement in our tracking system with reference DT-586. It will be considered for a future release of SQL Dependency Tracker although we have no timescales for this at present.
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