Synching tables not selected?

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I did a synch with a handful of selected tables in two dbs, backing up production into development, and in the process a group of tables that do not exist in the production environment appear to have been wiped clean. I was doing sql data compare, not sql compare, so I don't understand how this could have happened. I was using a saved comparison so I went back and doublechecked the tables selected and the ones that were not in production obviously weren't in the list to synch. I'm at quite a loss to figure out why this would have happened. Any ideas? I love the tool but can't afford to have this happen again.


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    I don't have a handy explanation for what's happened. If you load a project file, then the table and column settings will be used when you do the comparison and shouldn't change at any time unless you go back and edit the project again. We're not aware of any bugs that would cause this to happen, either.

    It sounds like your tables got 'truncated' by Data Compare because you'd chosen to synchronize identical, missing, additional, and different records in the settings. If it's practical for you, you may want to exclude synchronizing missing records as a precaution to keep from losing any data.

    If this does happen again, can you make a note of exactly what steps you had taken, and any changes that you may have made to the database at the time? We'll try to help.
  • Okay. FYI, though, the tables were not truncated, because upon adding a new record to the empty table, the iterating ID column came up with what would have been the next ID (in this case 2318), whereas if it was truncated the id would have been created as 1.
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    I realize that was the wrong term to use, that's why I put 'truncated' in quotes. SQL Compare can't truncate a table, but it can possibly run DELETE queries against all of the data.

    I'll be more careful in the future about which words I use. :-)
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