SQL Data Compare 8 Latest Cumulative Patch

Chris AucklandChris Auckland Posts: 769
Patch to Red Gate SQL Data Compare - 1 December 2010
This build of SQL Data Compare should address the following issues in SQL Data Compare 8.1:

SDC-1184 Comments in script for source/target incorrect if source is a scripts folder
SDC-1180 Error parsing .sdc file from commandline
SDC-1152 Case insensitive compare DB<>Scripts shows case diff, but doesn't script?
SDC-1145 Script folder comparison sensitive to case within schemas even when this should be ignored.
SDC-1130 Error during sync: An explicit DROP INDEX is not allowed on index <index>. It is being used for FOREIGN KEY constraint enforcement
SDC-1043 Change reseed behaviour
SDC-909 Partial updates are not supported by filestream
SDC-1118 Deselected rows are included in sync
SDC-1110 Split Script with GO's when not using transactions
SDC-1034 Request for the split transaction feature to be available in the commandline (see SqlDataCompare /? /v for updated options and switches)
SDC-1024 Top row of results unchecks after syncs
CSD-127 CompareDatabases method changes the thread's CurrentCulture
SDC-837 Random column order when comparing a View
SC-4684 Launch SQL Data Compare is disabled (same fix for launching SQL Compare from SQL Data Compare)
SDC-1132 Command Line + Script folder fails
SDC-1136 Synch fails on objects with unicode characters
SDC-1142 Command line distribution behaviour differs from 8.0 to 8.1

ftp://support.red-gate.com/patches/SQL_ ... _patch.zip

Note: This patch has not completed the full release test cycle, so no guarantees are expressed or implied.
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