Question - Error log directory for SQLBackupAgent service?

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I'm not looking for the Backup job logs, but instead, the actual log directory of SQLBackupAgent service

Asking because we experienced an error during a Cluster failover, and wanted to see if there's any log to help us understand it better

Event Viewer
Cluster resource SQLBackupAgent_DBCONF timed out. If the pending timeout is too short for this resource, consider increasing the pending timeout value.

followed by
Cluster resource 'SQLBackupAgent_DBCONF' in Resource Group 'DBCONF' failed.

We had to restart the server to bring the Cluster back on
Jerry Hung


  • Hi Jerry,

    If the SQL Backup agent service crashes for whatever reason, there *should* be a crash report generated in the program files location for SQL Backup on the cluster assuming that the windows account that the service is running under has permissions to write to that location.

    This is mainly for our developers here though, and there isn't a lot of information that would make a lot of sense straight away to our customers.

    It is possible to place the Backup engine into debug mode too if you can replicate the error, however keeping the engine in a sustained debug mode is not advisable.

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