Detecting recovery from Computer unreachable event?

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If due to a transient network issue, SQL Response 1.3 alerts on a Computer unreachable event, is there a way via SQL Response I can detect a recovery from the condition?

I can of course logon to a system an ping/login to the SQL Server, but if I am remote, I would like to know if the situation continues.

Will the alert repeat?


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    SQL Response has recorded two more of these conditions, but I have received only one e-mail alerts.

    It would be a useful configuration option for certain alerts to set the e-mail frequency. In the case of something as significant as "Computer unreachable", I would like to be notified on a regular frequency.
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    Hi there,

    SQL Response will only e-mail you on the first occurence of the alert until the alert is cleared. The reasoning behind this is that if you had a CPU that was spiking, you could potentially end up with 400 e-mails in you inbox before you clear the alert.

    Greater customizaion of e-mail behaviour is something that is scheduled for evrsion 2 of the tool though, as various people have reported that they would like the more control over this.

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