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hierarchical data Creation

Lets assume we have cols called:
- Country
- StateProvince
- Country
- City

You cant have independant data in there (eg there is no Arizona in Scotland or Edinburgh in Nebraska that I know of) so you need a dependancy.

A quick fix for you is to allow for the column data to be provided via user stored proceedure when the passed value is a column key (eg $1 for colum one or $+2 for 2 cols away from this one).
The data patterns could be cached for the generate batch run. It taking a bit longer is better than not at all.
You could always have data maps, where you select a file eg {$1}.txt and use a selection of values in there.
You could have a VBScript breakout so that you could return the data you wanted. Slow but versatile.
These lists need to be weighted so you can have a realistic demograghic.
Introduce the $1 column selector into regular expressions so you can affect another column. There is a risk of cyclic dependancy but the easiest option is the USP (and Views) route I think.

Once the data is generated it would be nice to export the data as a drop/create/insert script (easy in sql2008) .

The only option I can see at the moment is running post production scripts trying to modify ver1 of the table using $1 as the first key feild, then doing it again with S2 and so on. How tedious is that.
We pay a lot for these redgate tools and this sort of features is quite realistic.

Doug BN1.UK


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