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Cannot open memory profiling result


I'm getting an error when I'm trying to load a profiling result. Below is the stack trace. I'm using an eval version of mem profiler


The file 'C:\MemProfilerResult\decimal.amp5results' does not appear to be an ANTS Memory Profiler 5 file.
at RedGate.Memory.Engine.Factory.SavedSessionFactory.ReaderForFilename(String filename)
at c.a(String )
at c.a(Object , GenericEventArgs`1 )
at ae.<>c__DisplayClass6.<.ctor>b__1()
at O.b()


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    I just sent you an email, please let me know if you get it :)

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    Hi Nick,

    I just read your mail. However, as I tried loading the results again this morning - the issue just seem to have magically disappeared. It's rather embarassing but I'm not sure what I might've been doing. I was getting the same error in all of the result files I was trying to open.
    But now everything's loading fine. :D

    Thanks nonetheless.

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