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Can we do SQL 2005 online restore with red gate backups? In sql 2005 native, this would be the ability to perform a restore operation while an instance of sql server is running assuming we have enterprise edition.


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    Yes, this supported. SQL Backup's syntax for this is similar to T-SQL's.
    exec sqlbackup '-SQL "BACKUP DATABASE [MyDB] TO DISK = ''e:\backups\r.sqb'' WITH COMPRESSION = 4, INIT, THREADCOUNT = 3"'
    exec sqlbackup '-SQL "RESTORE DATABASE [MyDB] FILEGROUP=''secondary'' FROM DISK = ''e:\backups\r.sqb'' WITH NORECOVERY"'
    exec sqlbackup '-SQL "BACKUP LOG [MyDB] TO DISK = ''e:\backups\tail.sqb'' WITH COPY_ONLY, INIT"'
    exec sqlbackup '-SQL "RESTORE LOG [MyDB] FROM DISK = ''e:\backups\tail.sqb'' WITH RECOVERY"'
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