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I have two databases on different servers. One is a staging server where updates from the source are applied. The other is a target server, where updates to the staging server need to be applied.

"What better application for SQL Data Compare?!" says I.

So I started to use it to build a synchronization.

First problem I get, trying to set the comparison key for the first table...
Only certain columns have a checkbox, and of course the columns that really distinguish a row in the table do not have check boxes.

As this is decidedly different than what you show in the documentation, I am assuming there is a bug? If not a bug, how would I, for example, pick the Model column to be a part of the Comparison key. (note, changing options in the comparison key drop down list has no effect on the results grid - I could not select Model in either option). Also note that SQL Compare shows the tables are identical. Only difference is the staging server is running SQL Server 2K5 and the target is running SQL Server 2K8.

Is it the data type (nvarchar (max) )? If it is, there ought to be a way around this, if I were writing a script I'd substring the first 255 characters, for example. How do I do the equivalent in the GUI?

This tool would help me tremendously but I have to deal with the data types I am handed from the vendor and cannot change them. So I need to know how to deal with columns that are nvarchar(max) columns.

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    Thanks for your post.

    Currently BLOBS and (Max) data types are not supported as custom keys in SQL Data Compare.

    This seems to be because there is a bug in the native datareader that would cause the BLOBS to be read in their entirety, which then caused SDC to barf.

    We wrote our own datareader that handled the BLOBs a lot better, but it also introduced some other more serious problems. We couldn't get the problems fixed before the release, so we went back to using the native datareader.

    We have an open feature request to support BLOBs (SDC-1115) in a future version.
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