Common language runtime says my program is invalid

I just downloaded and installed 2.5 to profile a .NET windows application running under .NET FW 2.0 Beta 2. It works fine outside of Ants. When started under Ants it blows up and says the assembly is invalid. The problem occurs whether profiling is enabled or disabled during startup.

The exe relies on a large library of DLLs, which perform quite a bit of work during startup (read and compile some xml schemas etc.). Given the size of the lib (150K lines in tons of files plus 17 MB/226 files worth of configuration information) and the complexity of getting it setup, it might not be reasonable to send the code. There is no COM interop involved.

I did read the earlier threads and did upgrade to 2.5 as a result. That's when the startup error started to happen. It actually started and ran on a 2.0 beta of ANTS that I have around but hangs when trying to gather statistics (snapshot button) or blows up when the application is closed.

Note also the library DLLs are partially signed and the assemblies are registered for strong-name check skipping (sn -Vr).


  • Hi Tom,

    my name is Tom Harris; I'm responsible for ANTS Profiler here at Red Gate. I remember your name from the beta program that we ran for ANTS Profiler 2.5 (was called 2.1 at the time). It sounds like you have run into a bug with instrumenting your code. I'd be very keen to try and get to the bottom of it. There are a couple of things that we can try-

    1) Enable profiler logging by creating the directory C:\Program Files\Red Gate\ANTS Profiler\Logs. When you run the profiler a text file corelog.txt will be created that will show what assemblies have been loaded. This should give us a clue as to which module is causing the problem.

    2) Only profile certain namespaces by setting up a 'Custom filter' in the project wizard.

    Do let me know how you get on,


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