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Is it just me or am I doing something wrong? I frequently create initial databases on my dev system for my clients and then try to use SQL Packager to package my db so that I can then install it on my client's system. I always have sys admin access on both sql servers. I use all the default options and create an executable to run on my client's network. Most times, the executable fails trying to create a user, throws up a pop-up window alerting me to the failure and then aborts the entire process. Any reason why the SQL Packager doesn't try to continue from the error if the user so chooses??? More often than not, I end up going back to my dev system, rerun SQL Packager, either deselect the user creation from the list of objects to create and rerun fine or I simply take the sql scripts created, delete the offending login/user creation line, and rerun fine. Why couldn't SQL Packager do the same thing?

Thanks for any insights about this extremely frustrating situation...


  • Thanks for your post.

    You could try using the option 'Do not use transactions in synchronization scripts'.

    This option will set the script to not use transactions, so any problems encountered will not cause the script to roll back.

    This might result in the database being left in an inconsistent state.

    I hope it helps.
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