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SQL Prompt and multiple versions of sql server

pachen11pachen11 Posts: 3
edited March 16, 2010 5:32PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I have sql server 2005 and sql server 2008 instances installed. Sql prompt works on sql server 2008 but not in sql server 2005. How can I make it work in sql server 2005 (if it can only work for 1 of them at a time, I'd rather have it available in sql server 2005).


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    Hi there,

    Can you confirm, are you using SSMS 2005 or 2008?

    SQL Prompt 3.9 from what I can remember should cache each DB that you connect to, up to a limit, therefore if you connect to a 2005 DB through either SSMS 2005 or 2008, it should then cache and you shouldn't have problems of it not working.

    You can of manually refresh the cache using CTRL + Shift + D once you are connected to a DB too which might help.

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    Thanks Pete,

    I was using ssms2005 to work with databases on sql server 2005 servers and ssms2008 to work with databases on sql server 2008 servers. As you pointed out, there's no reason I can't use ssms2008 for both... then I'm happy.
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