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When profiling ASP .NET applications, ANTS Profiler may appear to 'hang'. The message in the bottom left-hand corner of the software may read 'Waiting for connection', and if you close the web browser, an error message may be returned stating that 'the application has not loaded the .NET Framework'. This error indicates that the 'back-end' of ANTS Profiler hasn't yet made a connection to the 'front-end' to say that it is successfully profiling your application.

There are a few possible reasons why this can happen:
  • The application has not loaded the .NET runtime. If you are profiling an application that is called by unmanaged code (such as an Excel add-in), then Profiler will not be 'connected' until some managed code is run by the process.
  • You have Framework 1.0 and 1.1 installed on IIS 5.x. ANTS Profiler needs to write to the ASPNET user's environment key in the registry to start the back-end component. If permissions are denied on the HKEY_USERS\<SID of ASPNET account>\Environment key, the back-end component will not be loaded. The name of the user that needs to set values on this registry key is the same user as the LogOn account for the ANTS Profiler Service.
  • There is a corrupted software installation of ANTS Profiler. Open a command prompt, change the working directory to %ProgramFiles%\Red Gate\ANTS Profiler and run RegSvr32 RedGate.Profiler.Core2.dll. If this fails, try reinstalling it.
  • You have another website or service using TCP port 8087, which is the port that ANTS needs to use to communicate back and forth between the UI and front-end. This port can be changed with a registry entry.
    Create a new registry string value at HKLM\Software\Red Gate\ANTS Profiler called 'Communications port', and set that to the TCP port number that you would like ANTS Profiler to use. Be sure to stop and restart the ANTS Profiler Service from the Services Control Panel applet.
  • A general computer problem. Check the event logs for errors relating to ANTS Profiler ‘co-creating the profiler’.
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