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SQL Backup releases 6.1 to 6.4

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edited March 10, 2010 6:21AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Here is a summary of what’s been included in the point releases 6.1 to 6.4

SQL Backup 6.4 (Released March, 2010)

This is a minor upgrade that includes support for some new keywords:

• Keyword support for restoring a database using the latest backups, including all available transaction log files
• Keyword support for backing up all user databases or all system databases on an instance
• Keyword support for specifying a different source database when restoring from disk (with “LATEST” keywords)

In addition, there are further bug fixes and enhancements:

• DISCONNECT_EXISTING can now be used with RESTORE on databases that are already in a "Recovering" state
• Database name is now case-insensitive when restoring with LATEST_FULL
• Fixes to automatic deletion of old SQL Backup log files
• Fixes to prevent event-log flooding with Microsoft Cluster Service errors on active/active clusters
• Miscellaneous minor bug fixes in the engine and GUI

SQL Backup 6.3 (Released Nov, 2009)

Includes support for some new keywords:

• Keyword support for network resilience with RESTORE commands
• Keyword support for erasing backup files (with options) independently of a BACKUP or RESTORE command
• Keyword support for SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition’s built-in compression (with BACKUP commands)
• Keyword support for restoring the most recent backup file (with RESTORE commands)

In addition to this there are additional bug fixes and enhancements:

• New dialog to activate serial numbers on multiple servers
• Bug fix to import of SQL Server registrations into SQL Backup from SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
• Improvements to the file browser for 64-bit systems
• Improvements around handling the conversion of sqb files
• Better error handling for certain situations, such as when deduplication is used, or if a disk volume is running out of space
• Miscellaneous minor bug fixes in the engine and GUI

SQL Backup 6.2 (Released Aug, 2009)

This minor upgrade introduces a new feature, SQL Object Level Recovery Pro, which enables you to recover individual database objects from SQL Backup Pro (.sqb) backups. Version 6.2 also includes minor bug fixes.

SQL Backup 6.1 (Released Jul, 2009)

This update includes bug fixes to the copying behaviour for transaction log backups. In some circumstances (when backing up multiple databases, or when verifying backup files), transaction log backup files could fail to copy. Although this does not affect the integrity or security of your data, this could cause log shipping jobs to fail.

We recommend you upgrade if you are using SQL Backup for log shipping.
Helen Joyce
SQL Backup Project Manager
Red Gate Software
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