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Does SQLDoc it affect the DB in any way such as performance?

bbutler99abbutler99a Posts: 8
edited September 17, 2010 3:17PM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
We have "production runs" that use the DB and want to make sure that we do not affect anything when we run SQLDoc against the database that the production run is using, while the production run is running. I assume there will be the affect of getting the metadata from the tables, but that should be minimal on performance. Any other issues? Someone was worried that running at the same time would cause a "locking" problem. I don't see anything that SQLDoc modifies, so I think it only reads and does not do any locking. Thanks for any info.


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    To be clear, two main questions are:
    - does SQLDoc do dirty reads?
    - does it do any updates?
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    Hi Bret,

    As far as I am aware, SQL Doc shouldn't impact the performance of a server at all providing of course that you don't have the tool installed on the server itself.

    It certainly isn't anything I have come across before, however if you are very worried about it by all means download a trial version and run it against a test DB. I really don't believe you would see any performance issues though.

    With regards to updates, the only updates it would perform on the DB would be if you were to alter any of the MS_Descriptions on objects. If you altered these through the tool then yes, it would be performing an update on the database schema.

    Hope that helps!

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    Rock on!
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    I've seen zero impact here at Banner....
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    I appreciate the info folks. We have been using it without problems.
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