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More options comparing table columns

Justin SpindlerJustin Spindler Posts: 18
edited June 29, 2005 6:58AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions

I have a scenario where I wish to use SQL Compare in order to help propogate schema changes to our customers as we release new versions of our software. As a part of our software package we provide our customers full access to the database including the ability to modify the schema of existing tables.

Is there an option or ability in SQL Compare to perform a comparison so that only new columns from database 1 are created new in database 2, but new columns in database 2 are left alone? I do not wish to drop any columns or objects that the customers add themselves.

Do you have any hints or tricks to handle this functionality?



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    Hi Justin

    If you want to stop any changes made to db 2 being removed by the synchronisation process you can use one of the filters.

    Once you have registered the two databases you can use the filter buttons (arrows) to select/deselect what direction to pass the changes. For example from db1 to db2 unselect all but the blue arrow.

    I hope this helps

    Daniel Handley
    Red Gate Software Ltd
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