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HTML Output

Neil DavidsonNeil Davidson Posts: 281
edited November 25, 2005 9:29AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi Kevin,

This is going to be back in. We're releasing an update which will include
the HTML reports, hopefully this week.


Neil Davidson
"Kevin Jones" <kevin.jones_at_tylertechnologies.com> wrote in message
> In an older version of the SQL Compare, there was the option to have the
> schema differences output into HTML. This was really clean looking output
> that was very presentable. We even sent it to clients to show them
> from one release of our product to the next.
> It seems that this feature has disappeared in the latest release. What is
> the likelihood that this can be rolled back into the product?
> The current release has the export to Word, but this (1) presupposes that
> Word is installed on the box and (2) gives really hard to read output
> compared to the HTML that was there previously.
> On a little more aggressive note, why was this feature removed? I can't
> remember the last time a packaged product simply dropped a feature --
> especially a good one that was up-to-date with the technology of the
day --
> without announcement or user input. I'd like to see this feature come
- Neil Davidson
Red Gate Software Ltd


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