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Love your product - i am using it to copy a production db to a dev machine and vice versa.

i would like to suggest the following enhancement...

On the object selection sreen (i.e. where you pick the sprocs, tables, views etc you want to include) can you pease add buttons to select or clear the diffrent object types. e.g. buttons to select all sprocs and clear all sprocs, buttons to select all views / clear all views.

In my scenario I would use the new buttons to quickly unselect all the user and role objects from my package as I never wish to include them.


  • Hi there,

    Many thanks for your post. I have added this as a feature request for SQL Packager under reference number SP-542. It will most certainly be reviewed for a later edition of the tool.

    Many thanks!

    Peter Peart
    Red Gate Software Ltd
    +44 (0)870 160 0037 ext. 8569
    1 866 RED GATE ext. 8569
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